This small collection has been curated from the archives to give collectors and the public their chance to own a piece of music history. Each photograph is limited to 100 editions and has been expertly restored to the highest quality. If you would like any information on the archive please contact us.



The Miss Moneypennys archive contains rare photographs from the early 90’s to 00’s club culture which originated at Bonds Bar in Birmingham. The archive has huge historical and cultural importance to the origin of house music as well as well the musical heritage of the city itself. This was a time when Birmingham was at the centre of the house music scene, driving its domination, diversity, culture and fashion, which then spread across the globe. It was a time of liberation and rebellion from anything that was deemed ‘normal’ and the birth of the club culture that we have today. Where outrageous creativity, unbound sexual freedom, glamour in its excess and the freedom to be whoever you wanted came as standard.